Women entrepreneurs are becoming a fast-growing aspect in business and there are no signs of slowing down in the near future. Some cities across the US have seen more female entrepreneurs in the last few years than others. This article will talk about some of the cities that have a growing number of female entrepreneurs and how they are promoting more women to join. 

New York

New York comes in as the number one city for female entrepreneurs for a number of reasons. The city itself has the largest population in comparison to any other city in the United States. New York is also a hotspot for fashion, design, beauty, and other industries. New York has the highest number of small business loans given out to women and continues to grow in that area. Other incentives are involved in encouraging female entrepreneurs to start their own businesses and make it easier for women to apply for loans and get funding for their ideas. 

Houston, Texas

Houston has been a city that has come up on several lists highlighting their initiatives to bring more businesses into their city. Houston is the fourth city that has the most female entrepreneurs in the country. The city does not have any personal income tax or corporate income tax making it a very attractive option for businesses overall. The growing industrial districts of the city brings a variety of entrepreneurs to the city and also to its neighboring city of Dallas, Texas. 

San Francisco 

To some people, San Francisco could be deemed the best city to be in for a female entrepreneur. The city has taken on the challenge of trying to diversify its range of entrepreneurs. The city has strived for an increase in access to funding for women. San Franciso has a diverse set of businesses established there that could also play into the attraction for female entrepreneurs. San Francisco is a great location for universities and research centers. 

Throughout the country, cities are making it easier and more affordable for entrepreneurs to start a business. With that goal, cities will be able to have a more diverse set of businesses and ultimately encourage innovation of ideas and procedures to help everyone, entrepreneurs, and consumers alike.