At the core of the You Are A CEO movement is our ability to connect with people and empower them to be better.  No matter what program or workshop we design, this will always be at the cornerstone.

Recently we completed a pilot program for Golden Gate Community School students here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  After an initial needs assessment, designed a custom pilot program called Creative Expression.  It was clear that the students would not only benefit from the opportunity to express themselves creatively, but also exposure to our self-achievement philosophy.

We began in March-April of 2016 by connecting with the students through individual assessments and weekly sessions.  For the students, they were simply doing something they enjoyed not realizing that we were also exposing them to a different way of thinking at the same time.  In May, we casually introduced them to the concept of You Are a CEO and offered additional 1:1 sessions to talk about their personal goals.  In June, we completed the program by celebrating the “small wins” and accomplishments of each student who participated.  Every student who participated in the final showcase received a certificate of participation, You Are A CEO T-Shirt, personalized thank you card from our team, and a $25 Visa Gift Card.  Overall, the pilot program was a huge success and made a significant impact on the students and staff with over 95% recommending we continue the program for the 2016-2017 school year.

Watch the video to learn more about the creative expression program:

You Are A CEO: Creative Expression Program from Michael E. Parker on Vimeo.