Seasonal changes can impact your business in either a positive or negative way. What makes a difference in your ability to adapt to such changes is acknowledging a shift in consumer behaviors and opportunities that abound. This summertime, attract more customers, build better connections, and make more money by understanding how the warm season impacts your business. 

Storefront Promotions 

During hot summer days, it can be tricky to get customers to enter your store, let alone buy something. Most are just staying indoors to avoid the sweltering temperatures, while others are racing to find shade in the park. Seasonal promotions can be an enticing way to get them through your doors. BOGO, or buy-one-get-one, offers or time-specific discounts, such as late-night discounts, can draw in people during off-peak hours. The latter works well during summertime since sunset hours are typically much later in the day. 

Workforce Productivity

Studies show that productivity levels during summertime decrease by 20 percent while distractions surge more than double that. The hot temperatures make for uncomfortable workplace conditions, which lead to lower efficiency and morale. As summertime approaches, figure out ways to keep your workers comfortable. This includes installing the right-sized air conditioning system to regulate indoor temperatures, providing cool beverages in the snack room, and loosening up on uniform policies. 

Equipment and Machine Inspections

If you are running a business that relies on machines and equipment, you’ll want to make sure they are inspected and tuned up accordingly. Summertime can bring extremely hot temperatures that can affect equipment and machinery, including electrical wiring and plastic components. Failure to make these inspections can result in unexpected operational issues that can delay or completely halt your day-to-day operations. 

Effectively running a business involves anticipating changes in your market and consumer behavior. Identifying these seasonal behavioral shifts helps you adjust your business model in order to meet the needs and demands of both your business and its customers. While trying to manage all these seasonal changes, make sure you also give yourself a break. Summertime can have the same impact on you as it can have on your customers. Take a break to enjoy what the season has to offer.