Your social media marketing strategy is an important aspect of your overall marketing efforts. With more and more people online today and using social media, it is a great way to reach new customers and stay in touch with loyal ones. Every year you should evaluate your social media marketing strategy and make changes and tweaks where necessary to reach your marketing goals. This article will talk about how to develop your social media marketing strategy and to create new opportunities for your business. 


The metrics of your social media marketing strategy should be near the top of the list for importance. It is one thing to have a strategy in place with clear set goals, but it is another to be able to measure what classifies as reaching those goals. Establish what metrics matter most to you in your strategy. Metrics include impressions, clicks, engagements, and the reach. Each one of these metrics are important in the overall evaluation of your social media marketing strategy. At the end of the day, it is what you value most out of these metrics that should drive the way you approach your social media strategy. 


An overwhelmingly important factor in your social media marketing strategy is what kind of content you put out on your social media platforms. Users are very particular in what kind of content they like as well as how often they like to see it. Posting every day on every social media platform may not be the best way to earn new customers or keep loyal ones. One thing you do not want to cut-short on is the quality of the content you post. Video content is very popular among almost all social media platforms. Another factor is sharing customer content. Customers love feeling like they have contributed to a brands look or social media platform. Also, the somewhat uncurated look of customer content could draw other people to engage in your posts. 

Best Times

The best time to post content on a platform could vary between each platform. Learn and understand the best times to post on each platform for the best chances of getting engagements and more eyes on your content. When considering the best time to post on social media, be aware of potential responses to comments that you may need to make on that post. Time is key for when you post your content for engagements and also response time.