High-stress jobs often demand flexibility within the workplace. For CEOs, this means thinking on their feet in addition to moving their schedule at a moment’s notice. Although flexibility is crucial during the workday, daytime routines are just as important for productivity.

How To Relax While Staying Productive

A daily routine helps decrease stress levels while potentially boosting independent education. Reading is a perfect example of simultaneously learning while relaxing.

Regular reading time has helped CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook stay sharp. Regardless if the book was dealing with their own professional field, literature was able to engage them in new concepts. Bill Gates is known for being indiscriminate with books, reading everything from history to sci-fi

A daily routine that includes writing is also helpful for high-level executives. Regular writing is able to help clarify thoughts and feelings so they can be easily communicated later. Writing articles, letters, and even blog articles can help structure the way a CEO plans future endeavors. 

Networking with peers does not have to be a stressful process. Routinely talking with friends or friends of friends is a way to expand the mind. This is especially true when talking to others with varying responsibilities. Even if a professional talks with someone outside their own field, there are still benefits to learning how others prioritize their work life.

Helpful Routines for CEOs

Delegating certain tasks is a way to reduce stress in a responsible way. This can be done by asking for help on a regular basis or through mentorship. Professionals from all industries, regardless of their expertise, can benefit from impartial feedback. Using a mentor is one way to learn new methods for accomplishing work from someone outside the workplace.

Once a new skill is learned, it is important to use that information right away. By applying newly-learned skills, CEOs can master complex formulas to solve problems in the workplace. Setting goals before a workday will help how and when this knowledge can be used.

A sense of personal awareness comes from establishing healthy patterns. By mastering one part of the day, CEOs are able to understand what comes naturally to them. Healthy patterns such as focusing on one specific skill per day are able to boost confidence and create an accurate sense of self.