The beginning of the year is the ideal time to reassess your business and set new short term goals for your business’ success and growth. This should start by predicting the financial forecast for your business over the coming 12 months. Look at ways you can decrease your business’ operating expenses. It would help if you also considered how to allocate the capital your business does earn. From there, you’ll be better prepared to reorganize your business in other ways.

Reach Out to Past Due Customers
This is a good time to remind your customers about their overdue balances. You can remind them of the terms for payment and the consequences of paying late, or you might offer a small discount for immediate payment. You should also have modern accounting software installed in your computer system to ensure all of your customer accounts are kept current. This will help you keep better track of past due customers and those who have made their payments on time.

Update Your Cybersecurity Measures
You should be following the trends and changes in cybersecurity to ensure your business is protected with the most modern innovations. You may only need to update your software through your cybersecurity provider, or they may recommend updating your hardware. Effective communication with a cybersecurity provider will help you stay aware of new government regulations so that you can remain compliant. This will help you avoid penalties and fines while also helping you to do more to protect your business, employees, and customers.

Manage Your Debt
It would help if you looked for ways to improve your capital to debt ratio in the coming year. If your business can pay off some of its debts, you’ll have more capital to help you grow your business. You should also determine how you want to upgrade or improve your business this year, so you can create a financial strategy for doing so. If you can use more of your capital, you may be able to borrow less as you make those modifications to your business.

This is also an excellent time to create or modify the succession plan you have for your business. If you lost a partner this past year, you might need to set up a different succession plan for your departure from the business. Just as you keep an estate plan up to date in your personal life, you should keep your business’ succession plan updated on an annual basis.