Although the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is relatively young, the USHCC has grown into the largest business-based Hispanic organization in the US since its inception in 1979. The purpose behind the USHCC is to, “foster Hispanic economic development and to create sustainable prosperity for the benefit of American society.”

While this vision is broad, when you look at the infrastructure within the organization, it quickly becomes clear how this organization intends to contribute to the growth of the diverse Hispanic communities within the US.

michael e parker ushcc-convention-dateThe USHCC: The Inner Workings

The USHCC was established as a central hub for connecting and cultivating business leaders through the vast networks of the organization. The USHCC carries out the mission of this organization daily through ceaseless efforts that involve everything from advocating on behalf of business owners, to directly promoting the economic growth of Hispanic entrepreneurs, to housing over 200 local chapters of the organization. Although the work of this national organization varies in specific task during the year, one of the most central events of the USHCC is the Annual National Convention.

The Power of the National Convention

Every year the USHCC National Convention finds a meeting ground for members, speakers and highly visible entrepreneurs. The intention is to provide valuable information for attendees, as well as foster an environment for meaningful exchanges and sincere connections. No one ever built anything major completely alone, and the USHCC’s National Convention aims to bring together thousands of Hispanic business owners, corporate executives and members of the local chapters of the Hispanic Chambers of Commerce from all over the US. The convention offers attendees the, “opportunity to establish strategic, long-lasting business partnerships through dialogue, matchmaking and learning.” This year’s 36th Annual  gathering of business leaders will take place in Houston Texas from September 20th to 22nd.

My Take

I got invited to this event by meeting the Chamber president, Javier Palomarez and his staff at an event in Washington D.C.. I decided to participate because I was impressed with what I saw and felt at the Chamber event I attended in Washington D.C..  Also, I decided to attend because I feel the US Hispanic Chamber is a great business partnership for many of the solutions that my company offers. I was also asked to present to the youth at their national convention to inspire them to be leaders and successful in their career endeavors. I am looking forward to getting the word out about some of the things we are doing, building some new relationships, and inspiring youth to be successful.I plan to speak about “You Are A CEO” which is a self-achievement philosophy that inspires people to take ownership of their personal and professional success.  Since this event is about creating success for all ages in the Hispanic Community, the message of “You Are A CEO” is a natural fit.