So, you’ve just become a new CEO. Now what? The title comes with enormous prestige and perks, but it also carries a great deal of responsibility. Finding a mentor who’s been through it and emerged successful can help you navigate this new role with grace and competence. Here are specific reasons why finding a mentor can be the single most important thing you can do as a new CEO. 

Supports Your Professional Growth

Although it’s a very obvious reason, it’s important enough to reiterate the impact of good mentorship on your professional growth and improvement. A mentor who’s had years of experience in the industry you are in can give you solid technical advice and insider information that no book or course can teach. 

Ensures Your Continued Improvement 

Having a mentor can push you to do better every day. When you hold yourself accountable to someone, you are less inclined to waste time taking naps or watching television. You get that much-needed pressure to actually get up and work. Over time, these efforts culminate in productive habits that enable you to get more quality work done. 

Helps Build Your Professional Network 

One aspect a mentor can help you with is networking. Great mentors can help facilitate an introduction with other professionals who can help you in some way, whether it’s bringing in more investors or helping you solve operational issues you’re currently running into. 

Gives You Good Feedback 

Mentorship yields feedback without the risk of losing a customer or employee. Since your mentor knows he/she is there to guide your growth and correct your mistakes, you don’t have to worry about them leaving because of a minor mishap. A mentor can tell you if your branding is off-putting to your target audience if your workplace is disorganized or wasteful, etcetera. 

Finding a mentor can take time and can come with a ton of rejections from the people you approach to be your mentor. Fortunately, today’s technologies allow for seamless and vastly-reaching connectivity. You can find a good mentor easily with the help of platforms like Zoom and social networking sites.