If you knew of a practice that could enhance your balance, help you shed off some calories, benefit your heart, and strengthen your bones, wouldn’t you want to start immediately? Strength training can provide you with these benefits and more. Resistance training is an exercise that boosts your muscular fitness by working on particular muscle groups against your weight or that of a machine. Read on for ways in which strength training can benefit you.

  1. It protects your muscle mass and bone health

When you reach age 30, you start losing about four percent of lean muscle in a year. A study in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research that was published in 2017 suggests that 30 minutes of strength training can enhance functional performance in postmenopausal women. It includes increasing bone structure, density, and strength.

  1. It makes you fitter and stronger

Muscle strength determines how quickly you carry out your daily activities. It is particularly beneficial to seniors because the older you are, the higher the rate of muscle loss. The exercise is called strength training because it entails toning and strengthening the muscles by contracting them against a force.

  1. It improves mood and increases energy levels

Strength training boosts the levels of endorphins. They are the natural opiates produced in the brain and are essential in enhancing energy levels and putting you in a great mood. It may also help you sleep soundly.

  1. It keeps the weight you lose at bay

The effects of weight loss due to intensity training are more permanent than a regular workout. Research shows that strength training boosts your resting metabolism, which is the rate of burning calories when you are not exercising.

  1. It helps with chronic disease management

Medical research has proven the benefits of strength training, such as helping manage chronic illnesses. In case you have arthritis, high-intensity training could help alleviate the symptoms, and is as effective as using medications.

  1. It ensures excellent body mechanics

High-intensity training is known for its benefits to the posture, coordination, and balance of an individual. According to research, strength training can improve the symptoms of individuals who are susceptible to falling. Balance relies on muscle strength; the stronger the muscles, the superior your balance.