Sitting too much and moving too little is bad for your health. It is possible to get out of the desk chair and make exercise part of the daily routine at work. Setting aside time to exercise outside of work can be challenging. Working out while one works is the ideal solution. 

Begin with Commuting

Walk to work or take a bicycle if possible. If a bus or subway is taken to work, try getting off at an earlier stop rather than the closest one and walk the rest of the way. A few blocks each way will add up daily. When driving to work is the case, park in the spots farthest away from the doors. When inside, take the stairs instead of relying on the elevator.

Take a Stand

Do any work that is possible standing up. Keep a lookout for ways to be free of the desk chair. While on the phone, try standing and walking. Try upgrading to a standing desk. A counter or high table can be used to improvise if a standing desk is not feasible. Try eating lunch while standing. If communicating with a coworker is necessary, skip the email or text and try walking to the coworker’s desk for face-to-face communication.

Switch Out the Chair

Try bringing a fitness ball to the job. A firmly inflated stability or fitness ball can improve the balance while strengthening core muscles as one sits. Trade the desk chair for such a ball and enjoy health improvements even when standing is not an option. The ball can also be used for wall squats and a variety of other exercises in idle moments throughout the day. 

Keep Fitness Gear on Hand

A desk drawer or cabinet can hide away resistance bands or small hand weights for use during the day. Resistance bands range from stretchy tubes to cords that provide weight-like resistance upon pulling on them. Arm curls spread throughout the day between tasks will add up.

Try Treadmill Desks

In addition to walking to work, one can walk while working with a treadmill desk. If a work surface can be comfortably and safely positioned above a treadmill, walking while working has amazing results for the health.