While building a business and ensuring it continues to grow may require a good share of your attention, you should not let it become the only concern in your life. Many business leaders and entrepreneurs think they will have plenty of time for personal care in a few years when their business is thriving. Unfortunately, your mind and body won’t wait. Making time for healthy lifestyle choices now will help you protect your health in years to come.

Plan Out Your Healthy Meals

The first thing you may want to change is any unhealthy eating habits. While it’s easy to grab a burger and fries or a candy bar, you’re not really doing yourself any favors. You’re just filling up on empty calories that will give you a short energy burst and leave you crashing by mid-afternoon. Instead, plan healthy meals at the start of each week. Fill sandwich baggies with nuts, seeds, or dried fruits for your snacks.

Get Up an Hour Earlier

If you have trouble making time for exercise, set your alarm for an hour earlier. This will give you the extra time to fit a run, bicycle ride, or swim into your daily routine. Additionally, getting your workout done in the morning will ensure you are getting your exercise each day. By the late afternoon or evening hours, you may feel too tired from a day of work to hit the gym. This can open you up to a habit of procrastination.

Track Your Progress

Don’t just exercise to exercise. This can end up feeling like a chore, and you won’t stick with it for long. Instead, keep track of your run time, or compete with a fellow swimmer. You might even consider joining a basketball or football team. A little competition will motivate you to keep at it and improve your performance.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

If someone cancels an appointment, use that free hour to hit the gym or go for a hike. While you should get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day, fitting more into your day will only help you stay healthier. In addition to benefiting physical health, outdoor exercise also boosts emotional health and increases energy levels. By using free time to get in a little workout, you may be able to boost your overall productivity.

Taking care of your mind and body is something you should consider each day. It doesn’t require a big sacrifice and you’re never too busy to make better choices for yourself. In taking better care of yourself now, you can ensure you’ll still be healthy in the future when you have the time to enjoy your success.