Good health is based on three critical points to maintain optimal conditions throughout life: proper nutrition, physical activity, and good sleep.


Clean eating builds a healthy lifestyle through the incorporation of beneficial habits. This type of eating proposes eating only “clean” foods, i.e., cooking them from scratch, in their natural state. Clean eating advises eating more whole foods such as lean meats, cereals, vegetables, and fruits, among others. In addition, this type of nutrition proposes avoiding sweets, excess salt, excess sugar, processed products, etc. What is suggested is to consume foods that have not been subjected to artificial treatments.



Those who wish to opt for a healthier diet and have chosen clean eating as a lifestyle should acquire new habits. This transition is feasible since this type of nutrition contains delicious and nutritious foods at the same time. First, work to eliminate fats, soft drinks, sweets, and refined sugar from the regular diet. Processed, canned, or packaged foods without labels describing the components of such food should be avoided. It is recommended to primarily consume foods you have made yourself since you’ll be more able to control what you’re eating. It is convenient to choose seasonal foods corresponding to each geographical region.


Prioritizing nature

Clean eating proposes a diet that is in harmony with nature and respects the environment as much as possible. During the last few years, there’s been a growing awareness of how harmful industrialized food can be. They contain preservatives, dyes, and other toxic chemicals to the human body in the long term. A lifestyle based on clean eating dramatically enhances the health of each individual. This type of nutrition promotes an appropriate weight, while providing plenty of energy to face each day. Clean eating offers delicious foods: fresh lean meats, seeds, whole grains, Greek yogurt, olive oil, avocado, spices, vegetables, tofu, fruits, organic eggs, spirulina, almond milk, and legumes, as well as many others. This diet is varied and considers nutritional needs.



Clean eating is one of the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. Such a diet can lead to healthy eating habits and being in tune with nature. Logically, this type of nutrition should be accompanied by physical activity and a restful sleep of at least seven hours each night. In this way, fabulous benefits are obtained: healthy weight, more energy, improved work & intellectual performance, good mood, and better interpersonal relationships, among many others.